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WHO Anthro 3.2

WHO Anthro provides information about the physical development of children
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WHO Anthro is an application that allows specialists to analyze how the children develop physically up to 18 months of age.
The program features three analysis modes: "Anthropometric calculator", "Individual assessment" and "Nutritional survey". Each of them is designed to collect information on individual children and provide results about their development for three main corresponding purposes: to collect nutritional information about a specific individual child, to monitor their growth over a certain period of time and to collect nutritional information based on a cluster sampling of children.

Each mode provides a detailed datasheet for individual children that the user must fill while taking into consideration certain WHO (World Health Organisation) standards, which include information such as date of birth, date of visit (i.e the time when the datasheet was completed), and the physical characteristics of the child (width, weight, head circumference etc.). As far as the results are concerned, they are automatically processed and displayed once the required fields are completed. A set of colors (green, orange, red and black) are used so that the user may know if specific values regarding the child's physical development respect normal limits or not.

Therefore, WHO Anthro is a useful tool especially created for the medical staff that provides hospital maternity services. This application proves to be very helpful when it comes to keeping a detailed database about the development of individual children. It can also be used for providing statistics about the current physical development of large groups of children.

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